Monday, September 15, 2008

United Stations of America

I see so many changes in Maya in just the few shorts weeks she's been enrolled in K3 at First Baptist. As you can guess from the title, she is currently learning the Pledge of Allegiance. To hear her pronounce new words is the cutest thing ever!! The first time I realized what she was trying to say, she was saying something similar to 'allegiance' and then I heard "to the united stations of america." bwahahaha! Cute, cute, cute! She is learning circles and squares this month, along with the colors red and yellow. I must admit she does not seem to be grasping the color concept yet. She'll make up colors completely ... red is green, pink is blue, black is red, etc. But it's so amazing to watch the moment when she finally "gets it", no matter what the subject is. And her favorite phrase right now is "let me show you how I do this." And then, inevitably, "let me do that again."

She's also singing new songs at home almost every day. Lately it's been "He's Got the Whole World", and E and I cracked up tonight when she started the second verse of "He's got you and me, sister, in His hands ... he's got you and me, sister ...." Of course, her favorite time to start a new song is when she is trying to get out of doing whatever I'm telling her to do at the time, usually when trying to get her out of the bathtub. I swear that girl is part fish! Her latest mom-heart-stopping-moment has been showing me how she can hold her breath under water. Yeah, just what mom wants to see.

Maria is also learning so very quickly, I guess part of which has to do with trying to copy every single thing Maya does. Maya loves to tumble, and it's so funny to watch Maria put her head on the floor between her feet and try to figure out how to flip herself over like Maya does. Of course, we just help her out there, and then she gets the biggest grin on her little face. If Maya climbs in my lap, then Maria wants in. When Maya gets down, Maria follows. When Maya goes upstairs to play, I just wait and watch for those little stubby legs to follow slowly up the stairs. Tonight I think Maria was actually trying to hop like Maya does.

Maria had to get tubes put in her ears today. We had to be there at 7:15 a.m., as they take the youngest patient first. She was actually the 2nd youngest, as they had a little boy in there that was only 16 months old. She just got over her 6th ear infection in 6 months, so at her last follow up visit after the antibiotic round, I asked when we would have the tubes discussion. The doctor counted the episodes and replied, "that would be today's visit". So here we are. She came through it well, but of course they had to knock her all the way out to insert them. And when babies like that come awake again, it's scary for them since they don't recognize where they are or who is picking them up. So after a very short while in recovery, they bring in mom and dad. I think this one is going to be a daddy's girl, as there have been a few times recently that I absolutely could not console her, and she only quieted down once E held her. sigh. Oh well, they seem to have more in common anyway, being the ones who like to stay up late and sleep all morning. Maya, once she wakes up very early in the morning, is completely awake and ready to go, much like mom. Maria wakes up slowly, usually coming to life when E finishes making her scrambled eggs and brings them to her. That's my girl! We do hope the tubes make a huge difference in how she feels. She did have trouble going to sleep tonight, so it's not off to a good start yet. Not sure what the problem was, but she finally settled down about 10:00 p.m. Signing off now to go peep at her and make sure she's actually sleeping!