Friday, September 11, 2009

Just can't get enough ... Maria!

At Gran's earlier in the summer. It took Maria a LONG time to get used to swimming pools and being in water, but she's there now ... she LOVES swimming. She had to chase the Nemo ball here. I think Maya actually threw the ball out of the pool, but at 2, it's very easy to convince Maria to fetch things, and Maya appears to have figured that out! Don't you just want to pinch these little legs, though? Sooooo cute....

And at Hatcher Garden with E and Gran last weekend. My girls just adore their Gran. But then, everyone adores Gran! You can't not love her .... she's too sweet!

And back to Gran's house....

Just can't get enough ... Maya

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore these girls of mine? I think all day long of things I need to blog, but when I'm sitting here, I can't think of a thing. So I'm just going to keep posting pictures, and hopefully they will tell the story of their childhood.

This was taken at Gran's house earlier in the summer. I can hear Maya's laugh by just looking at this picture.

And this was at Hatcher Garden. Gran spent all week with Poppi when he was in the hospital with pneumonia, and she was having some serious Maya and Maria withdrawals! So she came by and picked up E and the girls so they could all go out and mommy could clean!

This is still Maya's BFF, Elysia. We went to Elysia's house weekend before last and Maya had a great time! Not that you could tell that by any of her pictures of course. :-p

Elysia's dad concocted this monstrocity! High enough to give a mom heart palpitations, but of course Maya just HAD to try it. She did very well, and put up extremely well with mommy constantly yelling out "hold on tight, don't let go, sit still!, hold on!!!" I don't think I got any pictures at all of her actually sitting in the seat. Not sure if I was even holding the camera at the time ... I think E had the camera. It's all a blur to me (no pun intended ... camera .. blur ... get it? ... hehehe)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Random Pics

My scooter-bug:
One happy girl with her new big-girl bike. ;-)
She actually let her little sister sit on her bike! Now that's true love....
Could this be any cuter?!? (and yes, I know the helmet was not on correctly....)
And this is a cake I made for a baby shower at work. Of course I used Maya's birthday cake as my inspiration. Seems the baby boy's room is decorated with sailboats, and I love doing the ocean cakes, sooooo....