Tuesday, October 13, 2009

God love 'em ...

Maya is in that stage where she likes to point out things that match. Especially when it involves something between me and her. Like, "mommy! my shirt matches you!" if we're both wearing pink shirts. Or when her crayon matches my socks. Or whatever..... anything that matches is worth noticing and mentioning in Maya's world. So here's what Maya said today ... it started with her black crayon ... "Mommy, look ... my crayon matches my hair!" But she really wanted to include me somehow, so then she tried to say it matched my hair too. I said, "no, honey, mommy's hair isn't black."

Maya's response: "Yeah, it's gray."

Gotta love the 4 year olds.

Monday, October 5, 2009

And pictures....

So of course I spend my evening looking through pictures of my babies. There were a few (few?) that really made me stop and stare at them. Some were just cute, some made me miss those smiles (after all, I haven't seen those smiles in over 12 hours now!), and some I really thought were just good photographs. But then, with this subject matter, how can you go wrong? :-p

Peace and Quiet ... wayyyyy overrated!

Ever think you would like to have just one night of peace and quiet? One night to do whatever you wish? I've got it. Both girls are spending the night at Gran and Poppi's house. I can do whatever I want tonight! woohoo!

But what I really want to do is to drive over to Gran and Poppi's house ... it's too quiet over here. All the fun is at Gran's tonight!

Well, I guess I could do laundry, which was my plan for this entire evening. But then I remembered the old blog, which hasn't been updated in forever!

Maria is sounding sooo grown up these days. Talking much more clearly, saying whole sentences on a regular basis now, and playing lots and lots of make believe with Maya. Maya alternates between appearing so very grown up, and then acting like a baby so that mommy or daddy will hold her and rock her like a baby. And then she acts like a cat and wants to put her food on the floor and eat it like Marlowe does. Ugh.

Maya has had her first official gymnastics class! Yay! She really seems to enjoy it. Mommy didn't enjoy it so much when she didn't think they were paying enough attention to her. Maya was obviously the new kid in the class, and I didn't like them not taking time to explain things to her, or even introduce themselves or other kids to her! She just fell in line with everyone else as they went from station to station doing different exercises and routines. But I remained calm ... somehow ... and I noticed that even though she spent some time just twirling around in circles by herself, she really appeared to be ok with it all. And when she came out she was smiling. I asked if she had a good time and she said "yes!" I asked if she wanted to come back next week for another class and she said "yes!" So we'll do it again Wednesday night. She looked so adorable in her little leotard! She looks like such a big girl at home, but she was by far the smallest child in the gymnastics class. It's nine little 4- and 5- year olds. I picked Wednesday night class because they said it was only 1/2 full, whereas the Monday night class was almost full. But by Wednesday night, it appears they were full, and again, my child appeared to be the only one who had not done this at all before. What she really seems to love the most about this class is being able to say to Maria "when your big sister comes home from gymnastics class, we'll ---- ". It's so cute! The one big mistake was buying a leotard for Maya and not bringing one home for Maria. Oh, the tears when Maria couldn't put on Maya's leotard, NOR the sweatsuit I got for her to wear over it since it's getting cool outside now. So of course we have rectified that this week. But I can't believe I didn't get pictures! argh! Mommy is losing it these days. You better believe we'll have pictures this Wednesday night!