Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out Little Miss Independent!

So we, of course, attend the regular stream of birthday parties hosted by schoolmates. Maya went to just such an event last Thursday evening at Mr. G's, a local pizza and play place. She had a blast! But there was one of those "moments" where I realized she's just not a baby anymore. We were all going to ride the bumper cars, but there wasn't enough room for all the kids on the first go round, so we waited for the next turn. Most of the 4-year old crowd was sitting on mom's lap in the bumper car, except for 1 little girl, I believe. That, of course, would be the one Maya watches. So when it came time for us to get on, my little rebel decided she was going on one by her self or she just would not get on at all! I saw her face and knew she meant business. That "I can do it by myself" rang loud and clear. So, being a 'pick your battles' kind of mom, I told her to go ahead and try it by herself, fully expecting her to just sit there and not be able to control the car and having to wait for others to run in to her. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Not only could she actually reach the controls, SHE USED THEM! To borrow a phrase from my MIL years ago, "it was like a dagger through my heart." I know I say all the time I can't believe how fast she is growing up, but it's true. And check out the smile the independent streak resulted in. Not to mention her little independent streak resulted in a rash of independent streaks and many of the kids rode the 2nd time sans maternal parental unit.

And then there was the more sedate merry-go-round.

And the thrill of the small indoor playground equipment.
And a shot of Maria just because she's so darned cute. This one is not too far behind big sis in the independence area, either. Except her phrase is "I do it!" She loves to be tickled, but then will say in the cutest way ever, " 'top it!" (aka 'stop it'). And then she'll giggle some more anyway and get you to do it again. Her latest independent streak is wanting to climb into the car seat by herself, and no, it does NOT matter if you are in a hurry. My lack of time in no way hinders her insistence that she climb up herself. So if I try to put her in her seat anyway, watch out! Have you ever tried to strap in a wiggling monkey? Impossible.

Monday, April 13, 2009

And don't forget the Easter eggs!

Much fun was had by all! (especially mommy!)

Easter continued....

Making Easter cookies!

And tasting said cookies is the best part!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has sprung!

This is Omi. She's my mom, and we moved her out of the house she was in for 40+ years and into an independent living place. She seems to enjoy it there, but I know it was difficult for her to have to pare down her 'stuff' so drastically. She moved from a 1700 sq ft house into a 700 sq ft living space. And the woman had more stuff than God, I think. But we did it, and we do have a lot of her things in storage, until we are sure she is happy there. We might move her to a bigger unit if it becomes available, and then she could fit more of her stuff in there with her. But we'll just wait and see how it goes for now.And this means spring is here! Happy girl, riding her big sister's car, wearing shorts, and enjoying the sunshine.
We decided to hang some plastic eggs from our tree. Really, though, we decided to go outside and play so that inside the house would be quiet and Maria could actually sleep. But just look at how tall my baby is getting!

And this was after Maria woke up and came outside to play with us. This was too cute not to photograph....

And Maria really did go, "whee!" as she started sliding down the slide. Cute, cute, cute!