Friday, March 12, 2010

March 6 - Maria turns 3!

Maria has been saying for a while now that "my bir-day is march 6 in the Rotunda" (rotunda is the indoor playground area at her daycare, which they do rent out for parties). Then she would say "I wan' big cake ... big Hello Kitty cake." So, of course I made her a BIG Hello Kitty cake! My baby turned 3 years old. I have no idea how that happened! When sweet little Maria came home at 11 months old, she could sit by herself, but if she fell over, she didn't know how to get back up by herself. She was not walking and not even crawling. She wouldn't even raise her arms when she cried ... she just sat there. So we had her evaluated by Babynet, and she qualified for Early Intervention services and for speech therapy. She made MAJOR improvements very quickly. Somehow she managed to stay in the program until early this month. Then her EI and her speech therapist just couldn't justify keeping her in the program. As her ST said ... "she's just too smart!" Seems she's the only one in her 2 year old class at daycare that knows how to button. :-) She has come so far in such a short time.... all the way to the bottom of my heart!


Lilysmom said...

Happy happy birthday Maria! You mommy made one wonderful hello kitty cake.

Mary Ann said...

Happy belated b/d Maria!!! I loved her cake how pretty! She is a little doll! Hope you all are doing well! We need to get together again soon!