Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Maria!

I can't believe (I find myself saying that a LOT these days) that two years ago, February 13, 2008, we were in Guatemala picking up our precious Maria. She has come so very far from the little girl who couldn't even get to a sitting position by herself at 11 months old! She was slow in talking, but honestly, I think that had more to do with 1) constant ear infections that the tubes finally helped fix and 2) Maya talking non-stop, so who can really get a word in edgewise? :-)

Maria, you have the sweetest spirit, which I hope you never lose! You are the absolute opposite of Maya in every way (except that sweet spirit thing ... Maya has that too!), but you are both absolutely perfect just as you are. I love that sweet smile of yours ... it stops everyone in their tracks when they see it. And I even love the way you smile so cute and then just say "no" when I'm trying to get you to do something important, like put your socks on. You have been talking up a storm lately, much to the delight and dismay of your speech therapist, Miss Debbie, as she is excited by your progression but sad that she will probably lose you completely soon since you have more than caught up to your age group. You are so very smart that it amazes me sometimes at the things you can do! You are tender-hearted and can get your feeling hurt very easily, and I know that makes me appear to coddle you more, but I can't help it. You and Maya play so well together, even when Maya won't share her toys but then asks you to share your snack with her. And you always do. I love the way you hurry to sit in my lap or next to me when you see Maya coming this way. I love how you are turning out to be a daddy's girl.... the complete adoration on your face when daddy comes in is priceless. I love how you are such a night owl (well, I don't love it EVERY night....) but then can't wake up the next day. I love the way you appear to be 100% asleep in the chair daddy put you in after waking up, but jumping right up the minute we announce "Maria, here's your breakfast!". It's so cute to watch you eat everything you have and then go after Maya's food when her extremely-active-self can't sit still long enough to finish a meal. Your love of music and singing and dancing just melts my heart. And the shyness that makes you stop singing whenever you realize someone is watching you. You have made our family complete, and I simply adore you!

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Lilysmom said...

Happy gotcha day Maria. Your girls sound like the perfect balance for eachother. Such a beautiful family you make.